mardi 23 octobre 2007

IV. Solutions


There are two possibilities :

Either the Geneva Conference does not recognize its competence to give a ruling on this question which concerns Cambodia, France and Viet-nam, and considers that the matter could more properly be dealt with by the United Nations. In this case, and if the conference should take a decision on the peace of Indo-China, Cambodia would ask the Conference to take note of her reservations for the maintenance of her rights in the territory of Cochinchina, and would ask that the dispute should be sent to the United Nations.

Alternatively, the members of the Conference might consider it useful to deal once and for all with the problem of Indo-China and to settle all questions which might endanger peace once established. In this case, Cambodia would propose to the Conference that it should grant it patronage to a special commission composed of the representatives of France, Viet-nam and Cambodia, who would have the task of trying to reach an amicable solution to the problem of Cochinchina (Kampuchea Krom).In the case of a difference of opinion between the three states, the Conference could, as was done by the treaty of Versailles for the Free State of Dantzig and by the Treaty between the Allies and Italy signed on the 12th February, 1947, for the town of Trieste, consider internationalizing Cochinchina and placing it under a United Nations guarantee.

The Cambodian Government regrets that it has to raise a question which is of such a nature as to complicate the settlement of the already complex problem of establishing peace in Indo-China. But in doing so it is convinced that it is not merely its own interests but contributing toward the efforts being made for the establishment of a real and lasting peace in the world. The United Nations Organization, like all the nations meeting here in Geneva, serves the ideal of the well-being of humanity and is seeking not only the immediate establishment of peace but also the removal of every cause of conflict in the future and the building of the prosperity and well-being of the world on solid foundations. It is for that reason that Cambodia associates herself with others in trying to find the solution to this problem which may appear to be a private quarrel but which in fact is of a typically international character. One would not regard Dantzig as a solely Polish and German problem, or Trieste solely as a Yugoslav and Italian problem. These are problems which every nation is concerned to resolve in the spirit of confidence and mutual understanding. The Cambodian Government thus hopes that the nations participating in Geneva Conference will help to bring about a durable peace and ensure justice in South-East Asia and the world.

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